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Footpaths and Cycling Trails

They are also intended for a large majority of strollers, but they differ from seafront paths as they cross the beautiful inland of the municipality of Malinska-Dubašnica and connect Malinska with the neighbouring municipality of Dobrinj. This promenade joins two belvederes: Fumak (61 m above sea level, with a beautiful crucifix, which is also a sign-post for fishermen and seamen) and Sveti Petar (St.Peter, 252 m above sea level) on the other side.

After visiting the monumental crucifix in Fumak and its Via Dolorosa (way of the Cross) the steep but beautiful sea footpath leads you by road to Porat and you reach one of the most beautiful little ports of Kvarner and after that you come to the inland. The footpaths lead you across the peaceful countryside of Dubašnica where you can see oak-tree (dub) woods, that is how the place got its name, gardens, vineyards, olive-groves, woods, puddles and so on. As you proceed forward, you arrive at a crossroad where is the graveyard of St. Appolinaire, where as well once stood the church of St. Appolinaire, patron of that place. The footpaths take you further across untouched nature to the village of Turčići where you can see the church of St. Rocco from 18th century. If you continue your walk, you will get to the crossroad Bogović-Sv. Anton-Milovčić where there is a stone crucifix 4 m high from 1863. The footpath then leads you through Milovčić and Oštrobradići and across the the woods towards the church of St. Peter in Gabonjin, which is the highest point of the northern part of the island of Krk from where you have an excellent view of the island of Krk and Kvarner.

Across Gabonjin and Rasopasno, villages on the territory of the Municipality of Dobrinj, the footpath takes you back to the area of the Municipality of Malinska-Dubašnica, more precisely, to the abandoned village Sršići and than to the centre of St. Vito, where is the churc of St. Michael.


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